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Launch SQL, Visual Studio Using Remote Desktop App from Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone store has now Remote Desktop App, which can be used to connect to any machine in the network. The remote desktop app helps to launch SQL, launch visual studio and even connect to windows server 2012 and do several admin related tasks.

This blog shows how to configure the Remote Desktop for the Azure Machine and launch SQL, VS from the the Remote machine.

Step 1:

Download the Remote desktop app from the Windows Phone Store.

Step 2:

Launch the Remote desktop App from the Phone. When you launch the app all the saved connection will be shown.


Step 3:

Tap the + on the bottom of the screen to add the new connection. Select the Desktop option for adding the new Remote Machine.


Step 4:

General: Gives the option to add machine IP / Name. Enter the machine name ex: azuremachine.cloudapp.net.

Add Machine

Step 5:

Drop down the credential to add user name and password.

Add Credential

Step 6:

Enter the credential to save. This user name and password will be used to login to the machine.


Step 7:

Use the Advanced option to enter the friendly name for the Machine. Save the settings.


Step 8:

Now a new Remote Machine is added. The added new machine name is Azure Win7. The remote desktop will connect to the Windows 7 client machine.


Step 9:

Now tap the newly added connection to connect to the Windows 7 client. Once connected you can see the login screen. The windows 7 client desktop can be seen. Similarly if you connect to windows 2012 server then the server desktop will be seen.

Once logged in you can use any program inside to launch.


Menu Options

When you tap the top bar the left and right menu option will be shown in the Remote desktop. The left option allows to disconnect the RDP. The right option will allow to use the Mouse Pointer inside the system.

Menu Options

Launch App

Using the mouse pointer we can move around the desktop client and launch any application inside the client. In my case the Visual Studio can be launched.

Launch VS

Show Keyboard

When you tap the keyboard on the top to open the keyboard