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SG Things To Do App does not use any of the personal information. The App will not distribute any data.

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  1. Hi Senthamil,
    How are you? First of all, I would like to thank you for your great job that you have created a wonderful apps – SG Parking (really up to date compare to others, I would use this apps most of the times in the town area). Secondly, I would like to share one of my comment of this apps whether you can take into consideration, such as whether you can change your parking rate white colour font to other colour beside black & white, this is because I realise that when I go to setting – Start + Theme, while try to change the tile’s screen background to “light”, your apps – parking rate fonts, will not be able to see it, it will be great that if you can look into this and give us a latest update, I believe it will benefit to other people who like to change tile’s screen background frequently with feel bored of black colour sometimes.



    1. Hi Koline,
      I appreciate you very much for the feedback. I fixed the issue and submitted. Hope you might get the Update to your phone soon. Usually takes 2 days.

      Thank you Once Again

    2. Hi Senthamil,

      Thanks for responding to my feedback and appreciate you have change the parking rate fonts, it look great and better now, it already up for update.



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