Enable Claims Based on existing Web Application with Classic Mode (Access denied Error)

Recently i encountered a situation in which i need to enable the claim based authentication for the existing web application which has windows authentication. From the central administration there is no way or option to enable it. This can be achieved only by the powershell script. $WebAppName = "http://yourWebAppUrl"$wa = get-SPWebApplication $WebAppName$wa.UseClaimsAuthentication = $true$wa.Update() The... Continue Reading →

Windows Phone 8 Features Announced

Tile Resize - Can resize the home screen tile small, medium large. Lock Screen - Can add a facebook album to the lock screen. Add any album to see picture changing. Redesigned Lock screen notification area. Data sense - Browsing uses very less data. All data compressed. The map shows nearby Wifi to use it. Data sense... Continue Reading →

Windows Phone 7 App Story

There are several features which makes windows Phone 7 to be my best smartphone. None of the smartphone has the features which i am going to discuss in the below blog.   1. Less touch more information – Live Tiles 2. People Hub 3. Message Hub 4. Deep Linking   Less Touch More Information –... Continue Reading →

Get Logged In User while Impersonate or Run as Admin

Sometimes when a program is run as Administrator, using the System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Name will return always System or NT Authority\System. This happens while running the exe under windows service or by Installer class in the windows application. The below code will solve this issue. Code Snippet public static string GetParentUser(int pid)         {             string parentUserAccount = null;             string... Continue Reading →

How to create Win 7 Themes

Creating themes in Windows 7 is much easier. Earlier version of windows don't have this options. We can even export the theme and send to other people for sharing. In this blog i will explain first how to create a theme from Win 7 and later will explain how to share with other people. Part... Continue Reading →

WSS Explorer for Windows Mobile

MOSS 2007 server has several WebServices to connect to the server and get the data. Using the webservice i have developed a simple Mobile application to explore the Sites within the Sharepoint. This application will connect using the provided authentication and get the sites and list details. The application has a connection profile xml file... Continue Reading →

WMI Provider in Hyper V

Windows 2008 server has a Hyper V to manage the Multiple Virtual Machines. The Hyper V manager helps to create Virtual machine and manage them. We can change the VHD and update the path using the Hyper V Manager. There are situation we need to write a program to do those tasks. Example when we... Continue Reading →

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