SPFx – jQuery , Bootstrap4 & Font Awesome

Enable the jQuery, Bootstrap4 & font awesome for the SPFx Step 1: Create SPFx yo @microsoft/sharepoint --solution-name "jquery-spfx" --component-name "jqueryspfx-wp" --component-description "This webpart will use the jQuery, bootstrap and font awesome." --component-type "webpart" --framework "none" --environment "spo" --package-manager "npm" --skip-feature-deployment Step 2: Install additional packages npm install jquery --save npm install @types/jquery --save-dev npm install... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Framework SPFx gulp serve Error

Sometime when you run gulp serve you might get error Error – [spfx-serve] The api entry could not be loaded. Node_modules/@microsoft/ To fix this error run the below command Npm install @microsoft/sp-webpart-workbench The above command will fix this issue.

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