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Pandora – Avatar 2009

Pandora is one of the moon orbits around the Polyphemus planet of the Alpha Centauri. Polyphemus planet orbits around Alpha Centauri or Alpha Centauri A (ACA) It is 4.4 light years away from our solar system. Pandora is a lush rain forest like in earth.

Shows the distance between the solar system and the Alpha Centauri This shows the Polyphemus moon and the Pandora orbit Polyphemus planet which is a gas giant where human cannot breathe. Its a size of saturn
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Pandora is inhabited by lush rain forest and tropical climate with various unique animals Pandora at night. Every living organism in pandora has bio luminescence Pandora has a large magnetic activity within itself. It has a greater amount of Unobtainium material
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Fauna in Pandora

Common Name:Prolemuris
Navi Name:-
Common Name:DireHorse
Navi Name:Pa’li
Common Name:Banshee
Navi Name:Ikran
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Common Name:Hexapede
Navi Name
Common Name:Viperwolf
Navi Name
Common Name:Hammerhead Titanothere
Navi Name
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Common Name:Great Leonopteryx
Navi Name:Toruk
Common Name:Thanator
Navi Name:Palulukan
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Habitat: Pandora lush rainforest
Race: Indigenous Humanoid Race
Physical Structure: 9 feet Tall, Blue skin, Long Tail, Two legged. Skeletal structure composed of Carbon Fibre
Communication: They have long hair where hidden in each lock consists a nerve cord and open ended neurotransmition system.
Social Behavior: Navi live in groups called Clan (Omaticaya), the clan may contain matriack. Male leads the clan and female acts like Shaman

Clan Order

  1. Eytucan : Omaticaya Clan Leader
  2. Mo’at : Omaticaya Shaman (wife of Eytucan)
  3. Neytiri : Omaticaya Princess (Daughter of Eytucan and Mo’at)
  4. Tsu’Tey : Chieftainship of the clan
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All in One Video/Audio Converter (free)

I came across this converter software from esoft. Its a very good video/audio converter. It converts literally anything to anything. I regularly use PSP for watching “How To Videos” when i am travelling. I came across soo many software but none matches this Super software. It converts and even stretch the videos without affecting quality for PSP. I have converted some of my DVD videos to PSP. The quality is awesome and can even convert flv to mp3.


PSP Programming Basics

As a C++ programmer i want to get my hands dirty with C programming. I was amazed to use my PSP as a multipurpose device for entertainment and knowledge base. I often load How to movies from Microsoft site and watch them whenever i get free time. Also play some games especially action & adventure.

I was wondering whether there is any SDK for PSP to program. So i started googling for the ways to do the program for PSP. The first google result for PSP programming gives me this url So i started setting up the dev environment. I followed the tutorial to install the CYGWIN for windows. I installed the CYGWIN and configured the PSP environment. I wrote main.c for hello world program. I ran the make command it gave me so many errors. Could not recognize the psp-config. I tried running the ./ script again for CYGWIN. It didn’t work for me. I tried changing the login script for the pspdev path. Still it didn’t work for the makefile. I could not compile the file. So i gave up this method. So started to google again for the PSP programming.

I came across this site where they discuss about PSP SDK!!!! wow that’s what i need. I started reading the wiki site for PSP programming The below site gives the steps to do You can even set up to configure with VS 2008

So everything is set. I started writing main.c for PSP using the textpad. I complied the program using make command hurray it works. It created the EBOOT.PBP file successfully. I deployed the file to psp it works. wow i become a psp developer. describes much about basic psp programming. I created a program to get the button input for psp it works. When we install the PSP SDK there are many sample programs installed with it. I am trying out one by one. Hope to write some useful utility for PSP atleast for me to use.