Get Taxonomy Term set, custom properties & Terms using JSOM

Please follow my prerequisite blog to add the jQuery dependency on the master page. The below jQuery code will work with jQuery dependency.

In this blog the jQuery code will get the terms from a specific termset. Each term will have a local property cssclass & cssfname. The JSOM code will get the custom property and create a bootstrap button navigation. Term ID will be a Query string for navigation.

The Navigation termset on the screenshot is created dynamically based on the Taxonomy. The color of button, azure, crm, sharepoint are colored based on the CSSCLASS property from the term.


Step 1: Download the files

Navigate to my Github to download the files. The Github has the termsetHtml.txt & termsetScript.js

Step 2: Upload To SiteAssets

Upload both the files to SiteAssets-> Scripts folder. Create Scripts folder inside the Site Assets to upload. If you are not using scripts folder make sure you change the path in termsetHtml.txt

Step 3: Add to SharePoint

Now add the Content Editor webpart to the Page. Edit the content editor webpart and add the full path of the termsetHtml.txt file. Save the webpart and page. If the reference to jquery, js and code are correct the termset will be loaded and color based on css name

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