Document Library View with Nested Condition

The OOB SharePoint List / Document library view allows only flat OR / AND conditions to be applied to the columns. Think of a scenario where you want to get all documents modified on last 10 days from a selected list of people. This condition is difficult to achieve in OOB view creation. In this scenario the custom view with CAML query comes to the rescue. We can create a normal view in SharePoint and using the below PowerShell script we can update the existing view to use the nested condition.

The CAML query used to filter the document is like below

<FieldRef Name="Modified” Ascending=”FALSE” />

<FieldRef Name="Editor” /><Value Type="User“>senthamil<FieldRef Name="Editor” /> <Value Type="User“>venkat<FieldRef Name="Editor” /><Value Type="User“>amanda<FieldRef Name="Editor” /><Value Type="User“>arwen<FieldRef Name="Editor” />

<Value Type="User“>matthew<FieldRef Name="Editor” /><Value Type="User“>mcdonnel<FieldRef Name="Editor” /><Value Type="User“>ravi<FieldRef Name="Modified” /><Value Type="DateTime“><Today OffsetDays="-6” />


To achieve this first create a View in the SharePoint document library like a normal view with the name “LatestDocsByUsers”. Once you finished creating the view then download the PowerShell from this location and change the below variables

$username, $password, $srcList, $srcUrl and $view

In this case the $view = “LatestDocsByUsers”

The PowerShell will update the existing view with the above CAML Query.

The condition tree looks like below

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