Modern Sites – View Filter By Metadata or Taxonomy

This blog is about how to create a View in document library to filter documents by Metadata / Taxonomy field. The blog will discuss for both modern and classic SharePoint site

Modern Site – How to Create View Filter

Consider you want to load all documents from Library filtered by Taxonomy / Metadata field. Currently there is no straight way to create view filter by Metadata field. Modern SharePoint allows to do that indirect way. Below are the steps to follow to create view which filter by metadata. In my scenario I have a document library “Documents” which has several type of documents with the category. The category is the Metadata / Taxonomy field. The Category has EU as top level TermSet, below is the screenshot of the termset and terms.

Step – 1:

Create Document Library with the Taxonomy / Metadata field. In my case Category column with EU termset with all the terms. The document library has several folders and documents inside tagged with the metadata needed.

Some of the sample documents tagged with metadata

Step – 2:

Create a view to show all the documents without folder. Name the view as “Files” the name can be any meaningful name which you can create. While creating the view make sure you select “Show all items without Folders” under Folders. In my case I want to see all documents uploaded to library without any folders. This view is the temporary view without the Metadata filtering. Next step we create the view with Metadata.

Below is the view I created with the name Files and load all documents. This is the temporary view to see all files

Step – 3

To make use of the Metadata filtering enable the Filter on the right side panel. Once you see the panel select the filter needed to be applied. In my case I selected O365 since I want to see only O365 files.


Step – 4:

Click on the Files view drop down on the right side. Select Save View As. This will show Save As dialog. Enter the view name and Save to create a View which can be filtered by Metadata.

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