Cortana – Useful Commands and App Integration

I use Cortana a lot to do some of the reminder tasks and the activation of Apps. Nowadays there are several apps which are integrated with Cortana for the easy access. Some of the frequently used commands are below

Action to do


Setup Required?

Set a reminder

Remind me to Water the plant at 10 am

No setup required

Set alarm

Wake me up at 8 am


Set reminder based on location

When I am at Work remind me to submit claim form

Yes, Need to add Work as favorite in Map

Set reminder based on location

Next time I am at Ikea remind me to check kitchen accessories

Yes, Ikea to be in favorites on Map (see below)

Based on Nick Name of location

When I am at Grocery remind me to check shopping list

Grocery needed to be added as a Nick name in Fav maps. (See below)

Set Reminder based on person

When my Wife call me remind me to say school teacher spoke

Yes, Set Nick Name with Inner circle

Find the song / music which is playing around us, similar to soundhound app

What’s playing right now?

Yes, Works only in US. Make sure you logged in to Xbox music in web at least once.

Take a note immediately

Note: Remember to send MOM later


Play the play list from Xbox Music

Play <playlist> name

Playlist to exist in xbox music

Finding a restaurant

Find best Indian Restaurant near me


Finding restaurant which is open at the time of asking Cortana.

Find restaurant that is open now near me


Find specific place

Is there a Starbucks near me?


Money conversion

Convert 1 Singapore dollar to Indian rupee


Calling nick names

Call Boss Mobile

Yes, make sure Boss nick name added in inner circle. Learn More

Calling on speaker mode

Call wife on speakerphone

Wife to be a nick name. Learn More



Action to do


App Name

Use Facebook command, to see news feed from a person

Facebook what’s up with Joel Oleson


To check the next MRT train in Singapore

Sing MRT open Jurong East


Skype call

Skype video call Senthamil


Remote desktop connection

Remote Desktop connect Production Server

Remote Desktop. Make sure Production Server is created in the connection list

Lync meeting

Lync join next meeting

Lync show current meeting


Create new tweet

Twitter new tweet



How to get Music Playing which is around us (like soundhound App)

Launch the Cortana by tapping the search button

The music icon on the top right corner. If you cannot see this try logging into the xbox music both on phone and in web and restart the phone. Also it is available only in US. You can also use the text to type “Whats playing right now?” in the search text.

How to add Favorite Location, to be able to use in Location based reminder by Cortana

Launch the Maps app. Tap on the … menu on the bottom of the Maps app. You would see Favorite places option. Tap that to add your favorite places.

The favorites will have + icon at the bottom of the page. Use the + to add your favorite place.

Once you tap + icon the below screen will appear. Type the place you want it to search. Once you find the place select it from the drop down. This will pop up the next screen for Nick Name.

You can choose whether the place is Home or work or other. If you choose Home it will tag it to home and Cortana can use Home for reminder and other info. Same as Work. Other option is to have custom Nick Name for the place. Example in my case I usually tag the NTUC to be Super Market and Mustafa to be Grocery. The Nick name used here can be used by Cortana to assign reminder.

Once added as location good to use it with Cortana.

Now you can say to Cortana “When I am at Ikea remind me Kitchen Items

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