How to make Cortana to call relation (Brother, Sister… )

Windows Phone 8.1 comes with so many new features. One of the feature is the Cortana, personal assistance. Cortana has several functions to be able to make the Windows Phone Unique among other smart phones.

In this blog we discuss on how to Make Cortana to call by the relation name or the Nick name you choose for the contact. To use this feature you need to activate the Cortana first. There are several blogs which explains you how to activate Cortana on your phone. After you activate the Cortana use the below steps to set the nick name or the relationship names

  • Launch the Cortana by tapping the Search hardware button


  • Tap the right upper corner three line. image  That will launch the below screen with the options for Cortana


  • Tap the inner circle option from the list. The below screen will come up. It allows to add any contact in the list to assign a nick name. Tap the + button at the bottom of the screen to show the contacts.


  • After you tap the + button it will present you the contact list


  • Select the contact and type the Nick name to be called. Ex: Selewct your Wife name and set it as Wife. Or brother name set it as Brother. You can set any nick name so that Cortana can call by that. You can add 3 nickname to single person.


  • Tap done once you add the name. In my example above i have set Boss, Manager for the contact Aragon. So when i say Call my Boss to Cortana then she can call Aragon.


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