Cache cluster is down, restart the cache cluster and Retry Error–SharePoint 2013

The windows event viewer might have many critical error from Distributed Cache Service. This service will try every 5 min and will throw critical error on the event viewer. The error message may be “Cache cluster is down, restart the cache cluster and Retry “ The root cause of this error may be various reasons. The distributed cache service is very fragile and needs more memory from the server side. Before we Start the Distributed Cache Service please read the article The article tells you that we need to enable some firewall ports in the server, especially the application server where the service is running, If multiple servers are running need to start the first server which should have incoming ports to be enabled.

I followed the below procedure, it solved for me, not sure it is the best solution

Remove the Distributed Cache Service using the Powershell command

Stop-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstance -Graceful


Enable the firewall ports in the server for incoming ports for 22233,22234,22235,22236

From the Services in the windows need to Start the Remote Registry service, This service is needed to be running for the Distributed Cache Service. If planning for multiple servers make sure in all servers the service is running

Restart the AppFabric Caching Service from the windows service.

Add the Distributed Cache Service using the PowerShell command


Through Central Administration->System Settings->Manage Services on server now can see the service. Start the Distributed Cache Service.

2 thoughts on “Cache cluster is down, restart the cache cluster and Retry Error–SharePoint 2013

  1. miguelcudaihl

    I’ve had this problem for a day and the procedure you shared resolved it. Thanks a lot. This addressed the problem I’m getting with App Fabric – “AppFabric Caching service crashed.{Lease with external store expired: Microsoft.Fabric.Federation.ExternalRingStateStoreException: Lease already expired”

  2. Jan Steenbeek

    Do not restart the app fabric cache service manually. It should start automatically when you run Add-SPDistributedCacheService cmdlet.

    Per MSDN: The Distributed Cache service can end up in a nonfunctioning or unrecoverable state if you do not follow the procedures that are listed in this article. In extreme scenarios, you might have to rebuild the server farm. The Distributed Cache depends on Windows Server AppFabric as a prerequisite. Do not administer the AppFabric Caching Service from the Services window in Administrative Tools in Control Panel. Do not use the applications in the folder named AppFabric for Windows Server on the Start menu.


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