Windows Phone 8 Features Announced

Lumia 920

  • Tile Resize – Can resize the home screen tile small, medium large.
  • Lock Screen – Can add a facebook album to the lock screen. Add any album to see picture changing. Redesigned Lock screen notification area.
  • Data sense – Browsing uses very less data. All data compressed. The map shows nearby Wifi to use it. Data sense app to show data usage. It can show each app data usage to find the most data used app.
  • Skype  – Always On without running code behind and use very less power.
  • Pandora  – Pandora app will be available for free unlimited music with Ad free. 46 out of 50 most wanted Apps will be available in WP8 like temple run, Angry bird star wars etc.
  • Daddy Can i play?  – Kids Corner separate space for Kids. Ability to choose app, game and music for kids. It will not affect the normal app and data and contacts in the phone. Safe to give it to kids.
  • Rooms – Now Rooms can have more private message, calendar, updates and more. Room calendars can be shared to iPhones. Family room will be default available in WP8.
  • Skydrive – New skydrive which can synch Music, Docs, Pics and Notes. Xbox Music can synch playlist and album. Office document can be opened where it was left before in any windows devices. Editing document in multiple device is easy. One Note will have Voice commands. Pictures can be saved auto to Skydrive.

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