Windows Phone 7 App Story

There are several features which makes windows Phone 7 to be my best smartphone. None of the smartphone has the features which i am going to discuss in the below blog.


1. Less touch more information – Live Tiles

2. People Hub

3. Message Hub

4. Deep Linking


Less Touch More Information – Live Tiles

With windows phone 7 accessing the calendar information, Facebook notifications, App notifications is much easier with the less touch. Just one click on the power button will show the calendar event on the wallpaper. Its easy to see the next meeting. No need to login to the phone with password and open the calendar.


The below shows the front wallpaper with Calendar event, Missed calls, Outlook and personal email notifications

Home 2 Calendar                      Home Calendar


Once login to the phone with passcode, the front screen has the live tiles. Each tile is a living and breathing tile. The tile will keep update the information at the background. Just login can see all information without opening any App.


  • If you have pinned the SGTransport App to the start without opening the App can see the Next bus timing. The SGTransport app will allow to Pin the particular Bus number and the Bus stop. Without even opening the app the tile will update the Next bus timing.
  • Similarly Nokia App Highlight App will update the app list on the tile.
  • NDTV App will update the latest news to the Tile. Without opening the App we can see the latest news.
  • 4th & Mayor allows to pin a particular restaurant / place to start. Any new comments, photos or updates happens in that place will be updated in the Tile
  • Flixster app live tile will show the latest movie update on the tile.
  • Nokia Transport will have live tile support for the best route
  • Weather app can update the live tile with the latest weather for a particular city
  • Gold Price app can update the live tile with the latest price.
  • Custom Tiles Maker app can create fancy tiles on front and back. The tiles can also be used to launch custom application.

So if those apps are pinned to start just by login without touching anything all tiles will give every information we need. There is no need to open the App to see the info.

Fig – 1: The below tiles can update the information. Top is the 34 Bus Number which can update the bus arrival time. The first column in second row tile updates the latest NDTV news on tile. The second column Tile updates the Gold Rate on tile. The Third row tile update the Weather in Singapore. The second column on third row is the Place pinned from 4th & Mayor which can update My Office Information, details on Tips and photos. Can launch my place on Foursquare directly and check in easily. The fourth row first column is the Shopping App which can update the number of items to shop. The count decreases once i add the item. The second column fourth row is the exchange rate. It updates the currency rate on the Live tile.

Fig – 3: The live tiles shows the

  • Number of missed calls (1st row 1st col)
  • Shows the images of people who are active in FB (1st Row 2nd Col)
  • Number of un read Outlook and Hotmail Accounts.  (2nd Row )
  • Number of Facebook/linked in/twitter/Windows Live Updates (3rd Row 1st Col)
  • Number or SMS / Windows messenger / Facebook messages (3rd Row 2nd Col)

   Fig – 1                                                           Fig – 2                                                              Fig – 3

Live Tile 2            Live Tile                   Messaging


People Hub

Windows Phone 7 is resource hungry and the data craving smartphone. It grabs every information from all sources like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Yahoo, Windows Live and Gmail. The People tile will update live active people picture in the start. When a people hub is open it gets every information like email, address, phone, city, country, notes whichever available from different source. Just one slide on people hub it takes you to Facebook Wall, Linked In, Windows Live updates aggregated in a single view.

Without using any App it has aggregated information of all data in a single place


Message Hub

Windows Phone 7 allows to chat in Facebook, Windows Live and SMS text in a single place. The user can switch between these in just one touch and keep chatting with them in the same conversation thread. It is one of the best feature i like. I can just be online in Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live without even launching any App. Chatting with friends is never been very easy as in WP7.


Deep Linking for an App

Depends on the App, a particular page in an app can be pinned to the start screen. For example the SGTransport app allows us to pin a particular bust stop to the start. Further deeper it also allows to pin a particular Bus in the bus stop. This is one of the best feature i have not seen in any smartphones.

Similarly 4 & Mayor app allows to pin a particular place to track the activities.

The below Tiles are custom tiles which can be created by Custom Tile Maker, the front and back tiles changes.

                       Animals                 Start Tile


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