TF220059 Error Installing TFS 2008

When i try to install TFS 2008 on Windows 2008 server with SQL 2008 on the Dual tier i get the following error

TF220059: An error occurred while the Setup program was querying the installation settings for Team Foundation Server. For more information about this error, see the Installation logs. For more information about the installation logs, see "Troubleshooting Installation for Team Foundation" in the Team Foundation Installation Guide.

The solution to this issue is to add Report server URl in the msiproperty.ini file. TFS assumes that Reporting services are installed in the Application tier even in the dual tier installation. So it looks for Reporting services in the same machine as TFS server. usually we install Reporting services in the SQL DB machine. so add the following in the msiproperty.ini to run the installation smoothly

The property TFS_SERVICE_ACCOUNT and TFS_REPORTING_ACCOUNT should not be configured in the Msiproperty.ini. Please restore them to the default value.

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