How to create Win 7 Themes

Creating themes in Windows 7 is much easier. Earlier version of windows don’t have this options. We can even export the theme and send to other people for sharing. In this blog i will explain first how to create a theme from Win 7 and later will explain how to share with other people.

Part – 1: How to create Theme in windows 7

Creating theme in Windows 7 is nothing but personalization of existing theme and save it with full name. Then later can export the theme to share with the people. To do that first go to the Desktop. Right click on the desktop and select “Personalize”. The Personalization window will appear to customize the theme. If any changes made to any of the existing theme(like changing wallpaper, transparency color, screen saver etc..) then Unsaved Theme will be selected and will appear as the first item. If nothing is customized will have default theme selected.


Under My Themes there are many themes installed. These are external themes i downloaded and installed it. I have made few modification in the screens so Unsaved Theme is present in the My Themes.

Initially when a Windows 7 is installed the default Win7 Theme will be selected as shown in the below screen


Now we will start creating the New Theme using the existing Win 7 Theme selected.

To create a new theme of our own we need to first select the existing theme. Modify the changes you want to do to the existing theme by changing the color, Wallpaper, screen saver etc. In my scenario i am going to change the Window Back color first. So click on the Window Color in the personalization page and a Windows Color Screen will appear. Select the desired color you want and save changes. I have selected Green and the color changes to Lime in the personalization window.


Now select the Desktop Background in the Personalization page, this will bring a wallpaper page. Browse the custom folder or select the wallpaper settings. Also you can select the Slideshow time picture settings etc and save the changes. Here in my window i selected Nature picture and opt not to use slideshow.


Now select the screensaver option from the Personalization page. Select the screensaver and save changes.

After doing all those changes now you can see Unsaved Theme in the My Themes Section of the Personalization page.


Now done!!! you new theme is ready almost. Now Right Click on the Unsaved Theme and select Save Theme. Enter a name and will be saved.



Now the theme creation is done. You can now share with anyone.

Part – 2 Sharing the Theme

Right click on the Renamed Theme and select Save Theme For Sharing menu, and provide the path to save the theme.


Then now the theme can be shared with anyone

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