Create Dialog Box in SharePoint 2010 Pages

SharePoint 2010 has fluent User Interface which allows user to navigate easily. Also Fluent interface avoids post back in the web pages. It has a consistent UI framework to navigate between the pages and toolbars. One of the enhancement which SharePoint 2010 provides is the dialog box. Dialog box are widely used in windows application... Continue Reading →

Pandora – Avatar 2009

Pandora is one of the moon orbits around the Polyphemus planet of the Alpha Centauri. Polyphemus planet orbits around Alpha Centauri or Alpha Centauri A (ACA) It is 4.4 light years away from our solar system. Pandora is a lush rain forest like in earth. Shows the distance between the solar system and the Alpha... Continue Reading →

How to create Win 7 Themes

Creating themes in Windows 7 is much easier. Earlier version of windows don't have this options. We can even export the theme and send to other people for sharing. In this blog i will explain first how to create a theme from Win 7 and later will explain how to share with other people. Part... Continue Reading →

SharePoint 2007 Limitations

  Thanks to Mark Harrison i have used his guidelines for the SharePoint limitations. I am just publishing his content again here in my blog for my reference. Site collections (Database scope) 50,000  Total throughput degrades as the number of site collections increases. Web sites (Web site scope) 2,000  The interface for enumerating sub sites... Continue Reading →

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