WCF Resources

Now after finishing with my mobile app for MOSS 2007, i have started writing a WCF service for SharePoint 2007. I found that the WebServices found in the SharePoint Server is not sufficient to do all the tasks which i want to perform through mobile. So i decided to create my own WCF service to accomplish those. Moreover i can use the WCF service to communicate to Silverlight in the future for SharePoint.

To start with any new tech MSDN is always the best place. So i started to read an article about WCF to the link below


Once i finished reading and try out with some basic WCF and sample from MSDN i started hunting for tutorial videos. I found the below links have good WCF videos. Microsoft has 15 part webcast for WCF which is the best way to learn WCF. I always download videos to my laptop and convert it to my PSP to watch when i am in train or traveling in the bus. Its a better way to learn and kill time usefully.

Below are the links for the WCF videos


The Both the link 1 and 2 are same points to the msevents

Link 1 http://www.dasblonde.net/2007/06/24/WCFWebcastSeries.aspx 

Link 2 http://idealprogrammer.com/languages/visual-basic-vbnet/windows-communication-foundation-15-hours-of-free-video-tutorials/

Channel 9 WCF (mix of all videos need to filter)

Link3 http://channel9.msdn.com/tags/WCF/#Page=3

WCF Security

Link 4 http://www.codeplex.com/wikipage?ProjectName=WCFSecurity&title=How%20Tos

Link 5 http://www.codeplex.com/wikipage?ProjectName=WCFSecurity&title=Video%20Index

Basic WCF (Need subscription)

Link 6 http://www.pluralsight.com/main/olt/Course.aspx?n=wcf-fundamentals

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