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Install SharePoint 2010 Local Account

Only standalone server type installation can be installed with the Local Account for the SharePoint 2010. To install the SharePoint 2010 in single server type with local account follow the below step.

Once the Single server installation is complete launch the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell


When the PS is launched. Type New-SPConfigurationDatabase and press enter This command will take several parameters like



Once the database server is entered the user name and password windows will popup for the username and password, use localmachinename\username for the user id.


Once the config database is created run the psconfigUI command. This will bring up the usual configuration windows. Select do not disconnect the farm and press next to finish the installation

WCF Resources

Now after finishing with my mobile app for MOSS 2007, i have started writing a WCF service for SharePoint 2007. I found that the WebServices found in the SharePoint Server is not sufficient to do all the tasks which i want to perform through mobile. So i decided to create my own WCF service to accomplish those. Moreover i can use the WCF service to communicate to Silverlight in the future for SharePoint.

To start with any new tech MSDN is always the best place. So i started to read an article about WCF to the link below

Once i finished reading and try out with some basic WCF and sample from MSDN i started hunting for tutorial videos. I found the below links have good WCF videos. Microsoft has 15 part webcast for WCF which is the best way to learn WCF. I always download videos to my laptop and convert it to my PSP to watch when i am in train or traveling in the bus. Its a better way to learn and kill time usefully.

Below are the links for the WCF videos


The Both the link 1 and 2 are same points to the msevents

Link 1 

Link 2

Channel 9 WCF (mix of all videos need to filter)


WCF Security

Link 4

Link 5

Basic WCF (Need subscription)

Link 6

WSS Explorer for Windows Mobile

MOSS 2007 server has several WebServices to connect to the server and get the data. Using the webservice i have developed a simple Mobile application to explore the Sites within the Sharepoint. This application will connect using the provided authentication and get the sites and list details. The application has a connection profile xml file in the same directory. The sample xml file is shown below

  <profile name="Local">
    <domain value="domain"/>
    <user value="UID"/>
    <server value=""/>
  <profile name="Internet">
    <domain value="mydomain"/>
    <user value="senthamil"/>
    <server value=""/>

Currently there is no UI to manage the XML, need to manually add the entry in the xml. So before running the application please modify the xml from the computer and copy back to the mobile.

Once the application is connected to sharepoint, it retrieves the site information including the lists in the tree structure. Use the context menu in the tree to open the list or site. The opened sites and lists will be added to the Top Combobox.


Login Home Page Users 

Context MenuList Details ListViews

Currently the application is in the Beta stage soon new features will be added to the application. This application is targeted to SharePoint Admin to do primitive admin tasks. Now its just a explorer to show the data.

You can download the application in the below Link


Updated : 19 Nov 2009

Windows Mobile SharePoint Tool

I recently created a Windows Mobile Application using Windows Forms with .NET 2.0. I am a fan of Windows Mobile OS, so i bought a HTC touch with WM6.0 professional edition. My mobile is almost 2 yrs old now still working as expected.

I always want to explore my SharePoint site structure and lists details from within my mobile. So i started developing a small mobile app which can use the MOSS webservices to get the MOSS data to the Mobile Phone.

The initial version of my app is to explore the site and the lists data. Later i would support to add and modify list, users and list columns. Here is the preview of my Mobile App which i have developed using .NET 2.0


All in One Video/Audio Converter (free)

I came across this converter software from esoft. Its a very good video/audio converter. It converts literally anything to anything. I regularly use PSP for watching “How To Videos” when i am travelling. I came across soo many software but none matches this Super software. It converts and even stretch the videos without affecting quality for PSP. I have converted some of my DVD videos to PSP. The quality is awesome and can even convert flv to mp3.